Welcome to Massage Flow in Sacramento !

If you are looking for a place to come and relax or to rehabilitate some aches and pains Massage Flow is the place for you. Located in the Pocket/Greenhaven area of Sacramento, Massage Flow is your oasis for comfort and healing. We specialize in restful restorative massage, deep tissue and orthopedic massage. No matter your reason for coming in We customize every treatment to meet your unique needs. Come in today and find the peace of mind and body you have been searching for.


Here are some comments from my clients...

As an athlete I work hard to take care of my body and massage has always been an intregal part of my self-care.  I started going to Massage Flow when a friend referred me to one of their therapists for some hip issues I was having.  The work that was done on me was wonderful and relieved all of my pain.  The therapist truly understood what was causing the problem and was able to correct it very comfortably.  It's a beautiful place and everyone is always so nice.

- jamida, Sac, CA


Alvin is fantastic, easy to talk to, and a great massage artist who cares a lot about his craft. He has an incredible sense of the human body and anatomy. I appreciated his attentiveness, professionalism with a sense of humor, and ability to make me feel so deeply relaxed.

 - samiaa, Sacto, CA


Alvin provides not only a deeply relaxing an rejuvenating massage, his knowledge in cranio and sports therapy make a session with him a solid investment in your health.

- barbarab, SACRAMENTO, CA


I feel in very competent hands with Alvin. His work is excellent, and I'm always better as a result of my massages with him. He seems to know how to rid my back and neck of the acute pain/aching issues I've dealt with. He takes his time and I have never felt rushed like in a big spa where they book on the hour.

- lucindac, Sacramento, CA


Alvin is very committed to his work and extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and how to address a person's physical particularities. His focus is on correction of whatever misalignments are causing pain and not just to provide temporary relief

-  deirdrew, Sacramento, CA


Fantastic! The best ever!! I highly highly recommend :)

- francia, Sacramento, CA


I really enjoyed the atmosphere. It is peaceful and relaxing while Alvin pampered me. He is very good at what he is doing. My body felt so great leaving the place. I am a very picky person, but I would recommend Massage Flow to anyone because I like his massage and coming back again.

-  mariec, Sacramento, CA


I went to see Alvin with a foot problem. He was very knowledgable about foot and leg anatomy and helped with massage that loosened up my foot and made it easier for me to work on it on my own. Also gave me some good ideas for home treatment.

-  barbaram, Sacramento, CA


This was the first time I have ever had a male therapist and I was made to feel very safe and respected. I have been seeing massage therapists for the last 7 years and Alvin went to great lengths to make me comfortable and maintain my modesty. He was very articulate in explaining why I was having pain in my hip and shoulder and was very gentle yet effective in his treatment. I walked out of his room feeling better than I ever have in the 12 years since my accident. I was impressed with his knowledge of the human body. Never have I had a therapist discuss my condition so eloquently. I have seen many doctors, physical therapist, massage therapists and acupuncturists who come no where near his level of expertise in handling my pain. His consultations are worth the cost of the visit alone. If you are in pain then Massage Flow is the place to go to resolve it. The exercises he gave me to continue my self-care have kept me pain free. Thank you Alvin for your wonderful and compassionate care.

- Anonymous, Sacramento,  CA


I was pleasantly surprised that my massage was not only awesome and super relaxing, but that I also got tips on exercise and stretching afterwards! It was so useful -- I will definitely be back!

-  jeannettes, SACRAMENTO, CA


I've had several session with Alvin He is very good giving massages and always recommends exercises I can do at home to correct my problem areas.... I hate when the session is over.

-  maritzag, SACRAMENTO, CA


Excellent work and Alvin provided helpful suggestions to improve upon the IT Band problems.For those who run, Alvin provides very helpful suggestions. The massages are a great help prior to a race.

-  jamess, SACRAMENTO, CA


Had another wonderful massage! It was so relaxing and my stress areas were being taken care of. Highly recommend this place!

-  sandiec, Sacramento, CA


 Fantastic Massage!  A massage that was both therapeutic and relaxing. Alvin is so knowledgeable and really knows how to key into those spots that need some TLC. He even gave me some pointers on things I could work on between appointments to help troubled areas. I love Massage Flow!

-  chrisyj, SACRAMENTO, CA





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